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Autumn Projects

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With summer rapidly retreating I’m looking ahead now to the autumn’s run of projects and , thankfully, there’s a range of work to be done. 

As you may be aware, the next project to look out for that I’ve written and produced are the series of short films about Charles Dickens. These will start playing online as of the end of this month, with two new shorts being uploaded in the subsequent months through until February 2012 which marks the big man’s 200th birthday. 

There’s another film project in development also. This piece is ‘socially’ orientated and will probably shoot this autumn with a view to releasing online next spring/early summer. 

Aside from these filmmaking endeavours, I’m also hoping that people will enjoy a feature article I have being published next week in 3D World magazine. The piece is about the work that’s gone into producing season 4 of Lucasfilm’s Clone Wars series.In putting the article together I had the welcome opportunity to interview three of the principal creatives on the series to build a picture of the challenges and opportunities to be found in making a weekly adventure show. For those of you who like to know the minutiae, the cover image for the issue (number 148) has been especially rendered by the folks at Lucasfilm Animation. I guess that makes this issue a one-off, never before seen item. So, look out for 3D World on newsagent shelves in the UK on September 14th. It’s out in North America in mid-October. 

Here’s a copy of the cover:

After 3D World hits the shelves there’s the new edition of Imagine animation magazine to be had. This issue features two pieces that I’ve written, both of which take a look back at somewhat legendary animators. One of these pieces, though, also incorporates comment from Aardman Animation and the Brothers McLeod. Look out for this around the third week of September. (

Then, finally, there’s work to continue with on several book projects.

Right now I am finishing up work on a book about the film Brokeback Mountain, which, if you are studying A level Film or equivalent, could be especially useful for you. I’m not  sure of the publication date yet but it’ll be with Auteur ( who specialise in film and media studies content.

And somewhere in all this there’s time that needs to be made to work on a screenplay and a novel. 

Dream well. 


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